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Medical Translation

Professional medical translation services are as crucially important as the qualified medical help itself. Medical terminology is one of the most complicated and contradictory language where medical errors can be deadly serious and lead to life-threatening situations. Any translator, working with medical documentation, must not only be an expert in the requisite language, but also have an excellent theoretical base and experience in medicine. Top quality medical translation can become a first step on the path to a considerable increase of sales efficiency, your business success and further progress of your company. Whether you are looking for a professional medical translation service, All-Translations Company is willing to become your reliable partner.

We understand that for an accurate translation of current medical terminology it is not enough to be just a competent linguist. Language experts must also have certificates, accreditations and degrees in particular medical fields, including cardiology, dentistry, endocrinology, toxicology, neurology, pediatrics, dermatology, pharmacology, plastic surgery, psychiatry and many other fields. At All-Translations Company we combine an eminently qualified translation staff with personalized attention and an individual approach to every client in order to provide a really great translation service that will be able to handle all your needs. Our team of highly trained specialists can cope with medical documents of any size and complexity such as clinical study reports, insurance claims, product description and data sheets, patient information and history record, product licensing and patents, medical certificates, brochures, catalogs and marketing materials, medical equipment instruction manuals, etc. All translated documentation goes through our multi-stage quality control process which includes error correction, editing and proof-reading before we deliver the final copy to the clients.

Medical translations are available in the most commonly spoken languages – Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Russian, and Swedish. We realize the value of your information and treat it with strict confidentiality.

Let All-Translations Company become your personal team for all your medical translation needs.