Don't be lost in Translation!

Our Staff

Our competent and friendly staff can cope with any translation task and includes:

  • Professional Translators;
  • Proof-readers;
  • Editors;
  • Project Managers;
  • Programmers and Web Designers
George Allford, chief executive

George and his partner, Bernard Carison, founded All-Translations Company in 2001. Since then he has been an absolute team leader. George graduated from Harvard Business School with the master’s degree in Business Administration. After that he moved to New York, where he worked in a well-known business company and continued to advance his education in the New York University, the Department of Linguistics. George is fluent in Spanish, German and Chinese; he is an excellent expert in business administration and marketing.
Georges enjoys skiing and scuba diving. His current dream is to build an exclusive ski resort affordable for everyone.

Sheila Grant, top manager

Sheila was born in the suburbs of New York in the family of scientists. Since her early childhood she has been interested in foreign languages and world history. At the age of 22 she moved to Rochester, NY, and entered the University of Rochester, the Department of Linguistics, where she obtained the Master of Arts degree. Sheila is a certificated translator and speaks German and French fluently. At the present time Sheila studies the Italian language and its history. Moreover, she is good at web design and computer science, her forte is IT and technical translation. This strong-willed woman is a great example for all members of our expert staff.
Sheila enjoys gardening. Her current dream is to travel to Japan.

Michael Reed, Arabic translator

Michael has been working with All-Translations Company since it was founded in 2001. On graduation from the University of Rochester, NY (the Department of Linguistics), he moved from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, where he has been living and working for almost 10 years now. He is a certificated translator of the Arabic language and a highly trained specialist in finance.
Michael is a farther to our working team, especially, our youth, he is a kind of person you can always rely on.
Michael’s hobbies are driving, wrestling and baseball. At the present time he dreams about a new sport car.

Marinella Rossi, Spanish and Italian translator

Marinella was born in Catania, Italy. When she was 18 years old, her family moved from Italy to the United States of America. Ever since, the USA is the country of her permanent residence. Marinella studied at the University of Mississippi, the Department of Modern Languages, and is a competent specialist in the Spanish and Italian languages.
She spends her spare time dancing, reading Italian literature and traveling. Her main goal is to make a perfect career.

Fredrik Forsman, Swedish translator

On graduation from the Lund University, the Faculty of Medicine, Fredrik got a good job in the Lund University Hospital. A great experience in medicine was not in vain for his future career as a qualified Swedish translator. Now Fredrik lives in the United States and works with All-Translations Company as a key specialist in medical translation. He does a training course in certificated translation and plays with the local football team.
Fredrik enjoys playing sport games; he is a professional football player. Nobody knows about his dreams.

Elena Plotnikova, Russian and Polish translator

Elena is our irreplaceable member and a great expert in Russian and Polish translation. Her educational background includes the Moscow Linguistics University, Russia, and the Central European University, Hungary. Elena is able to cope with a translation request of any complexity and is fluent in English, Russian and Polish. Her area of expertise is document and financial translation as well as proof-reading and editing.
Elena likes to spend Sunday evenings with her family; her hobby is to take care of two small daughters. She dreams about a week-end in Miami.

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