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Breeze Through Summer Doing French Courses in Europe

Ask juniors and teens if they would like to spend their holidays studying and the answer is obvious. Let them have an opportunity to travel and throw in a dash of learning mixed with recreational activities and see how they react with enthusiasm. French courses in Europe combine all these into a wonderful mix designed specifically for youngsters in the age group 8 to 17 years. Watch as they breeze through summer doing French courses in Europe. You can send your junior or teenager to a French school in Europe for the trip of his life. So engrossed will he be that the educational trip will seem all too short.

Juniors in the age group 8 to 14 and 14 to 17 will love the ambience at ESL partner school in Leysin, Switzerland. Located close to Montreux and Lake Geneva, the Leysin centre has renovated classroom where teachers split up students into pairs or small groups and engage them in projects utilizing their French language skills in a pleasurable way. Another partner French school in Europe, located in Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, with a pleasant climate and world class facilities, offers the best French courses in Europe combined with lots of leisure activities.

Leisure activities however, do not detract from the learning process. Youngsters can join a standard course or an intensive course that lasts about 3 hours each day from Monday to Friday, focussing on communication skills in French. Courses are conveniently split into levels from elementary to advanced and students receive a certificate on satisfactory completion of their level. Accommodation in French school in Europe is in warm, comfortable bedrooms shared by four students, giving them a chance to know each other. Learning in Leysin accompanies plenty of recreational activities like sports, visits to restaurants and discos, evening barbecues and entertainment with weekend supervised and organized trips to Gruyere, Chillon Castle, Lausanne and Vevey. Time flies as youngsters breeze through French courses in Europe.

Montreux and Leysin in Switzerland have admirable summer camps for youngsters. Another equally attractive option for French courses in Europe is choosing a partner French school in Igny Paris or in Valbonne, both located in France. Igny, a charming bucolic town contrasts with the glitzy rivierra look of Valbonne, Cannes. However, standard of instruction at each French School in Europe in France is world class. Students receive plenty of encouragement and motivation, engage themselves in group activities and role play and in an informal atmosphere, learn more. What they learn they practice on their trips into the city and with co-students from around the world in shared accommodation. As in Switzerland, French courses in Europe in the Igny-Paris and Valbonne centres are split into standard and intensive categories, further divided into levels to make it easier for youngsters. Here too, a preponderance of leisure activities keep youngsters busily engaged.

Enrolment is easy through the online form and the partner French school in Europe, either in Switzerland or France, offers plenty of assistance to ease their passage and stay which they follow French courses in Europe.