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Exceptional Experience: Learn English In Canada

The immense stretches of Canada with lakes, forests, rivers and waterfalls can conjure up wildly extravagant images of adventures in the minds of youngsters and this can influence them to join junior English courses in Canada. Learn English in Canada, a country with English and French heritage. Major Canadian cities like Montreal in Quebec and Toronto are multi-cultural, very modern in appearance and can offer immense possibilities for exploring all that Canada has to offer in its cities and in the vastness of its wild and as yet untouched countryside.

ESL partner schools located in Calgary, Canmore, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria adhere to exceptionally high standards in the matter of classrooms, accommodation, teaching and recreational activities. Learn English in Canada in any location and you can benefit by the opportunity to mix with co-students from across the world and with the multi-cultural vibrant population in each city. Since these partner schools are located in cities spanning the entire breadth of Canada, you can learn English in Canada, completing one level in one partner language school and then moving on to another city for an exceptional experience as you take on the next level. Calgary offers you vast stretches of open spaces and wheat fields while Vancouver on the coast could be your springboard for a trip to Alaska. Regardless of the location, each partner language school offers a high level of teaching by qualified and experienced teachers. Students are free to learn English in Canada at the beginner or elementary level and progress to advanced levels in standard, semi-intensive, intensive and business courses according to their preference. Equal levels of learning and leisure time activities on campus as well as excursions into the neighbouring regions give you a deeper experience and understanding of the Canadian way of life.

Youngsters from 7 to 17 can have an enthralling experience in junior English courses in Canada available through partner schools in Toronto and Montreal. The Toronto based partner school has a programme for juniors from 7 to 17 while the Montreal partner school offers junior English courses in Canada for youngsters aged 13 to 17. Accommodation is arranged by the partner school in safe, secure and a warmly hospitable environment. Youngsters get a chance to know others and interact in a multi-cultural ambience. Classes in junior English courses in Canada usually last for 3 hours with breaks, in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for a host of leisure time activities that will pique their interest and keep them engaged throughout the day. Students receive a certificate on successful completion of their course.89 Outside of class it is fun all the way with evening parties, barbeques, swimming, games, trips to the city, following nature trails and immersing themselves in the wondrous life in Canada. Organized in groups and supervised by teachers, even excursion trips become opportunities for practice of English language skills.

Youngsters learn English in Canada through junior English courses in Canada and return, replete not only with language skills but with an exceptional experience. Adults have the opportunity to tour a vast and beautiful country and acquire language skills.

Enrolment is easy and assistance is available for youngsters and adults alike to ease their passage and make the experience an exceptional one.